Gunther Mirror Mastics

Gunther provides reliably elegant solutions for mirror installation and maintenance. Each adhesive and product holds up to professional-grade standards: Gunther is the only mirror mastic manufacturer with in-house testing and quality departments. With this unique control over the quality of each product, Gunther ensures the highest standards at every stage of development.


High-Quality Options


Find products that work for a variety of project needs, including mastics for acrylic and traditionally manufactured mirrors. Gunther’s sealants are also excellent options for enhancing the adhesion of mirror mastics, especially in high-humidity installations like bathrooms. Whether you’re looking for products to protect mirrors against contaminants, achieve a safe and stylish installation with mirror clips, or use cleaner for a pristine shine, you can find reliable products held to high industry standards.


A Solution for Every Situation

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Gunther’s variety of options are crafted to support different needs that arise in homes, businesses, and communities. Gunther provides mirror installation and maintenance products suited to projects both large and small. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix in a residence or VOC-compliant, nonflammable mastics for a large industrial area, you can find a solution for your unique specifications.


Safe and Reliable Mirror Mastics


Find environmentally safe mirror mastics and solutions for responsible, secure installation. You can purchase formulas specifically designed to handle movement and vibrations with superior strength, mirror mastics that bond well to uneven surfaces, formulations that prevent chemical breakdown and brittleness over time, and even more options for your installation needs.

  • Convenient drying
  • Easy working consistency year round
  • Durable and versatile

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